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Jennifer Yankopolus
M.S. and M.H.P.

Jennifer Yankopolus is an editor with more than 20 years of experience. She specializes in architecture and design, working with designers, firms, nonprofits, historians, and authors.
She currently runs Word Collaborative, which she opened in 2003, offering a range of services from developmental editing to copyediting and from coaching authors to consulting with organizations. She has also served as the content editor for INNOVATION, the quarterly journal of the Industrial Design Society of America, for more than fifteen years.
Her career began in 1999 as the inaugural editor of the annual Almanac of Architecture & Design. She managed all aspects of compiling and producing the first ten editions, from writing, editing, and proofreading to graphic design, indexing, and printing.
Besides teaching in the UC San Diego Extension’s Copyediting Certificate Program, she teaches editors how to use macros to increase their speed and accuracy through the Editorial Freelancers Association and her Macro of the Month newsletter.
She holds master’s degrees in historic preservation from Georgia State University and architectural history from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She also holds a certificate in Copyediting from the UC San Diego Extension.

She teaches Copyediting III for the Copyediting Certificate Program.
I am fascinated by the nuance that a comma, a precise word, and even a well-placed sentence fragment can convey. I love sharing my knowledge and experience with my students, helping them become confident editors.
- Jennifer Yankopolus
Yankopolus, Jennifer