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Jeff Drobman

Dr. Jeff Drobman has over 35 years of industry and academic experience covering abroad swath of hardware and software engineering, having worked in the computer chip industry for 16 years (at AMD, Integrated Device Technology, ComCore/ National Semi and Semtech), along with a 6 year stint in aerospace (Hughes Aircraft Doctoral Fellow).

Dr. Drobman is a long-time expert on microprocessor and microcontroller architecture, interfaces and programming. He has also been a software developer for PC apps, with attendant experience doing product planning, marketing, design and support. He enjoyed a lengthy career as an applications engineer (FAE)/manager at 3 IC/chip companies, and was a product marketing manager at a fourth.

Dr. Drobman is a UCLA triple alumnus (BS, MS, PhD), former UCLA Lecturer, founding board member of the UCLA Engineering Alumni Assn., and Secretary of the UCLA Order of the Blue Shield.

Dr. Drobman is a three-time candidate for high public office, in support of: online voting, water management, green energy, EV, transportation systems.
Drobman, Jeff