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James ter Veen

Dr. James ter Veen has over 30 years of experience managing innovative engineering in high technology hardware/software/systems development including systems architecture, cyber security, artificial intelligence, project planning, estimation, scheduling, integration, verification, validation, product demonstrations, and technical documentation in a variety of businesses from small start-ups to large corporations. James has acquired expert knowledge of the full development lifecycle from concept to disposal. He finds visual representations of systems designs facilitate communications with customers and among engineering teams. When UML was standardized by the Object Management Group, he used it extensively on software development projects and informally on system designs. Since 2015, using tools that support the SysML standard, he has architected and/or guided development of many system-of-systems projects. He has a proven track record of building and managing integrated product teams working in areas including wireless sensor networks, mass data storage technologies, electronic security systems, information systems management, and medical data analysis. Dr. ter Veen holds an AS in Electronics Technology, a Bachelor’s in Information Technology, a MS in Systems Engineering and a PhD in Systems Engineering from George Washington University.
ter Veen, James