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James Brewster

Over the years, James has developed a passion for chemistry and finds joy in teaching with the goal of breaking down difficult concepts into more digestible and enjoyable content. He believes that through active learning- with a combination of instructor feedback and student engagement- students develop the skills necessary to solve complex problems in the classroom and beyond as they dive into topics related to human biology, materials science, and drug discovery, among other challenges facing the world today.

James Brewser is an experienced chemist with publications spanning synthetic organic, inorganic, bioinorganic, and medicinal chemistry. He began his chemistry career at The University of California, Irvine where he carried out undergraduate research with Professor Kelvin Gee on developing new therapeutics to address cognitive deficits associated with neurodegenerative disease. Following his undergraduate degree, James moved to The University of Texas at Austin where he completed his PhD studies on developing new ligand systems to better understand the actinide elements. James also spent time in China as an National Science Foundation EAPSI Fellow, in Italy as a UT Austin Global Research Fellow, and at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a G.T. Seaborg Fellow. Following his graduate work, James carried out his postdoctoral work at Harvard University where he worked on the synthesis of fully synthetic trioxacarcin antibody drug conjugates. James is currently a medicinal chemist in Pfizer's Oncology Research and Development group (Boulder) where he works on targeted chemotherapeutics.

- James Brewster