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Jack Ghazalian

Jack Ghazalian has an incredibly impressive background in Gemology and Education. A Graduate Gemologist from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1992, Jack has been deeply involved in both educating others and furthering his expertise in the field.
Beginning his teaching journey in January 1993 at GIA's Santa Monica campus, Jack's dedication to sharing his knowledge and passion for gems became evident early in his career. His contributions extended beyond GIA.

In July of 2023, Jack joined the UCSD Division of Extended Studies. The Sally Ride Science Extension courses he showcases his commitment to spreading awareness and knowledge in these fields. Taking on roles as a professor at the San Diego Public Library's NeXT, focusing on STEM and Gemology education.
Jack's commitment to education is further highlighted by his role as a Diamonds course instructor at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, California. His multifaceted teaching experience, spanning various institutions, demonstrates his versatility and expertise in imparting gemological knowledge.

Jack's lifelong dedication to the gemology and jewelry industry is truly remarkable. With 23 diplomas and certificates from GIA and additional recognitions from the International School of Gemology (ISG), totaling a staggering 36 diplomas and certificates, his commitment to continuous learning and professional development is evident.

His extensive achievements not only reflect his dedication to personal growth but also serve as a testament to his expertise and profound contributions to the gemology and jewelry industry. Jack Ghazalian stands as a shining example of lifelong learning and unwavering dedication in the field of gemology and education.
Honors, Member, Associations, Affiliations, and a Space Advocate: 
  1. Acknowledged and awarded as an International Distinguished Scholar, International Scholastic & Lifetime Achievement Recognition & Academic Honor Society (2015)
  2. Honor Society, Washington DC (2016)
  3. International Honor Society in Education of Kappa Delta Pi Awarded KDP’s 'Teacher of Honor' designation, Teacher of Honor recipient.
  4. National Space Society (NSS/NASA)
  5. The Planetary Society
  6. The American Association for the Advancement of Science
  7. The Geological Society of America
  8. Golden Key International Honour Society
  9. American Astronautical Society  
  10. The National Air and Space Museum 
Diploma Members of the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association (GIA)
Diplomate by the International School of Gemology as a Registered Gemologist Appraiser