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Hassan Naqvi

Dr. Hassan Naqvi is a Director of Corporate Partnerships at John Hopkins Technology Ventures in Maryland and brings 14 years of experience in research and business. At JHU, he is responsible for leading a team focused on licensing and commercializing the inventions from the physical sciences area as well as a group focusing on license compliance. Prior to joining John Hopkins, he was at Vanderbilt University where he was responsible for the commercialization program for healthcare IT technologies, precision healthcare andthe  Vanderbilt Vaccine Center. He also oversaw licensing compliance activities for the institution. Naqvi moved to Vanderbilt from the Cleveland Clinic where he focused on commercializing technologies in the diagnostic, therapeutic and device spaces. He is a regular speaker at the Association of Technology Managers (AUTM) meetings as well as the incoming program chair for the Annual Meeting Programming Committee. He has a bachelor's degree in biology from George Washington State University and a doctoral degree from the University of Austin in Texas.
Naqvi, Hassan