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Gordon M Lum
B.S., M.S.

Gordon Lum holds a bachelor's in electrical engineering from MIT and a master's in electrical engineering from UC San Diego. After obtaining his degrees, he spent his first five years working in defense communications at Linkabit. Later, Lum’s career was dedicated to the early stages of digital satellite TV communications. In the mid-90s, he founded and acted as vice president of engineering at Corelent (FKA TurboNet) which developed the first certified DOCSIS cable modem, and he remained at the company for 15 years.

With over 23 years experience in the design, development and deployment of all types of digital communications equipment, Lum leads the company’s engineering team with overall responsibility for taking the G2H SE2 Software to production. He joined Kitu in 2011 as vice president of engineering and is now the CTO.

Lum, Gordon