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Ganesan Narayanasamy

Ganesh Narayanasmy holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and is Global Technology Enablement award winner. He in is a global leader in academia and research. He is a Founder and Investor in Technology Businesses. As a senior leader at IBM for almost three decades, Ganesan is well-known for his contributions to chip design, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing. He has led the WW Academia team for OpenPOWER chip to Solutions stack and organized the development of the OpenPOWER Ecosystem, which includes AI/ML/Cloud solutions, establishing centers of excellence for AI and Chip Design labs, Industry Hubs, and Technology labs, among other initiatives. Ganesan is always enthusiastic about collaborating on the development of creative solutions utilizing cutting-edge technology with industries, partners, universities, and research institutes. Additionally, he has created specialized courses and curricula with special hardware access for Chip Design and Data Science/AI.