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Daniel Santos

With over 100 successful exhibitions under his belt, Daniel Santos is a seasoned professional artist. He specializes in still life and landscape, but has become a well-known portrait, photographer and wildlife artist. Daniel begin his career as a sculptor creating awards given to celebrities like Raquel Welch, Kenny Loggins and
Eric Roberts.

Daniel Santos is a graduate of the University of Cal State Fullerton. He started producing sculpted works as a freshman, where he created the piece Sound of Music (On display now at the University of San Diego). Daniel also worked as a curator for several galleries. His exhibition have been housed in institutions such as the San Diego History Museum and the Latino Museum of Art.

Daniel Santos has also given talks at various institutions, where he speaks on the role of art in human life and the traditional way of painting by the old masters. Daniel also teaches at several community colleges, where he teaches a short week course on the art of chiaroscuro painting and landscape.

Daniel’s style of painting is as realist impressionism, known for attention to detail, yet with abstract qualities. Daniel Santos is the founder of the Temecula Academy of Arts. His Academy encourages artistic foundations in young children and adults. Daniel hopes to create an art center in the future. 
Santos, Daniel