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Christopher Hart Carr

Chris Carr is the Career Services Manager for Business and Legal Programs with UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies. After graduating from UC Berkeley and earning his master’s degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, Chris returned to his hometown of San Diego and has spent over a decade working with college-level, adult, and continuing education students to advance in their careers, prepare for and transition into new roles, and unlock their full professional potential.
The building blocks of a successful job search include a solid resume and cover letter, and a clean social media presence. But Chris also believes in using these elements to tell powerful stories that connect with your audience. Whether you're talking with an interviewer, an attorney, or a client, communicating in a clear and concise manner helps cultivate human connection, which aids in landing the job, delivering on workplace expectations, or uncovering key details for a case. In this course, we will discuss foundational elements of job search success, but also practice crafting an engaging narrative that capitalizes on the courses and training students have acquired in the Paralegal program.
Chris enjoys learning about his students’ professional interests and motivations to better serve them and connecting with employers and HR professionals to help fulfill their employment needs.
Carr, Christopher

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