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Charles Dancak

Charles Dančak MSEE, MS Solid-State Physics, has worked as a trainer and consultant in
Silicon Valley for many years. He spent ten years at Synopsys as a Staff Engineer, where
he developed and taught hands-on workshops in ASIC and FPGA synthesis , verification,
and testing. Earlier in his career, he was an MOS process engineer at an Intel Wafer Fab.

As an instructor, Charles draws on his years of industry experience, providing students
with real-world insights and illustrations. He developed the first course in SystemVerilog
for UC Extension in Silicon Valley. Prior to that, he taught hands-on Verilog workshops at
company sites including:  AMD, Broadcom, Freescale, Maxtor, nVIDIA, Qualcomm and TI.

Mr. Dančak is knowledgeable in all aspects of CMOS chip development, and recently contributed
a chapter for a Springer text on nanoscale semiconductors, entitled The FinFET: A Tutorial.