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Brook Feerick

Brook Feerick, RN, CCM, CLCP has been a registered nurse for over 30 years.  Brook began her career as a bedside nurse in orthopedic trauma and neurological injury.  She advanced to neonatal intensive care where she worked for 10 years and eventually advanced to leadership and unit management.  Brook transitioned to case management in 2000 and began working with persons who had been injured on the job, with a focus on catastrophic case management.  Cases include spinal cord injury, brain injury, burn trauma and multiple trauma cases.  Brook continues her work as an independent case manager for various insurance companies and independent parties including Paradigm Management Systems, an outcomes-based catastrophic case management organization.  Brook also works in the medical-legal field as a certified life care planner helping to plan the long-term medical care needs and associated costs for injured persons. Brook is the President of Rehabilitation Nurse Coordinator’s Network, having worked to re-establish the organization after it dissolved in 2012 due to lack of available volunteers.  Brook is dedicated to the advancement of the field of disability management and the growth and development of rehabilitation medicine.  She has a special interest in identifying and sharing available resources for injured persons. 
Feerick, Brook