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Bogdan Pavkovic

Dr. Pavkovic is affiliated to TTTech Automotive where he leads research and develops activities across several design centers in Europe while focusing on automotive time-triggered deterministic communication, AUTOSAR layered automotive software stack and application of ISO26262 in real automotive projects for the industry. He leads a team of 30 people working on cutting edge computer vision and machine learning optimizations for embedded automotive platforms for top-tier OEMs from both camera and lidar domain. He has extensive professional experience in planning, executing, leading, supporting and analyzing research projects and technologies in computer engineering, communication technologies and automotive software.
Dr. Pavkovic holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science on cross-stack quality of service assurance in wireless sensor networks for Smart Homes and Cities from the Grenoble Institute of Technology (France). He also received advanced training on automotive functional safety and safety design from Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering (Austria). He is currently serving as an associate professor at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Serbia, where he teaches automotive courses on modern vehicle communication and functionally safe software stacks. He authored over 30 publications, holds several patents and has given over several dozens of talks at international conferences and workshops.