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Bhargavi Vijayakumar

Hi, I'm Bhargavi, an accomplished venture capitalist, seasoned business finance professional, and a passionate finance educator. With over 17 years of experience spanning the realms of corporate finance, startup innovation, and venture capital, I've played a role in the success of more than 28 startups. As a Founding Partner at Java Capital, a pre-seed stage VC fund, I've been instrumental in helping a diverse array of businesses scale and thrive.

My journey, which has taken me from corporate boardrooms to the heart of startup ecosystems, uniquely positions me to blend my finance acumen for firms of different stages and sizes. I excel at the crossroads of finance and innovation, providing essential support to early-stage companies. My expertise spans sectors like Automotive, Healthcare, Deeptech, D2C, and Climate-tech.

Beyond my professional life, I'm deeply committed to extending financial knowledge among entrepreneurs, business professionals and young minds. I've had the privilege of teaching financial planning and startup investing to adult and young learners from around the globe, from India to North America, Canada to Singapore.

Whether it's advising on startup investments or navigating the intricate financial aspects of businesses, my diverse background equips me to provide invaluable support.

I believe in empowering the next generation with financial wisdom. My mission is to equip individuals with financial knowledge, whether they're entrepreneurs charting their course or young minds embarking on a journey of learning.