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Akore Chemello

Akore Chemello is an independent CPA offering tax and accounting solutions to San Diego small businesses and their owners. In addition to her CPA license, she holds a Master’s degree in Taxation. Chemello has worked in public accounting firms since 2001 and started her own practice in 2007.

Chemello has been teaching at UC San Diego Extension since 2008 and has taught many tax classes to accountants and business professionals at several San Diego universities. She prides herself on her thoughtful approach to taxes, looking at each taxpayer’s specific goals to help plan for and minimize taxes. She aims to pass this approach on to her students to help make taxes interesting and fun so students can use the knowledge from her class in their own personal and business lives. On a daily basis, Chemello advises her clients entity choice, tax reporting and minimization, and general accounting issues. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family and enjoys the outdoors.