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Aeron Zentner

Dr. Aeron Zentner's occupational background consists of over a decade of research, analytics, business intelligence, strategy, and development in public higher education and in various business sectors. He currently serves as the Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (e.g., research, analytics, evaluation, assessment, planning, grant development, accessibility, and accreditation) at Coastline College. Dr. Zentner also serves as a part-time faculty for more than seven years in undergraduate and graduate programs within the fields of data science, data analytics, strategy & forecasting, SQL database development, business law, and supply chain management.

During his time in research, Dr. Zentner has led the completion of thousands of analytics and research projects, served as a Co-PI on various federal and state grants, has more than fifty research publications and thirty state/national presentations. Additionally, he serves as college research and planning consultant and as editor/author for SAGE Publications, technical reviewer for Wiley & Sons, and contributor for McGraw Hill in the topics of data analytics, data information systems, and operations management. Dr. Zentner also serves as the chair of the Research & Ethics Review Board (IRB equivalent) at his current and previous institutions. 

Dr. Zentner's educational credentials include a Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) with an emphasis in Strategy and Innovation, a Master of Science in Administration (M.S.A.), a Master of Science in Leadership (M.S.L.) and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Business Administration (BA). He also has certifications in data science, executive data science leadership, leading breakthrough innovation, innovation leadership, disruptive strategy, qualitative research methods, foresight practitioner, contract law, root cause analysis, total quality management, six sigma, project management, supply chain management, and CITI IRB: research with human subjects.