Going Places: Jimmie Berggren

Jimmie Berggren is a true entrepreneur. He moved from Sweden in 2013 with hopes of establishing himself here. He already had some business experience when he started UC San Diego Extension's International Business Management program, so when it came time to fiƒnd a required internship, the ambitious student chose not one, but two.

“If your purpose is to stay here, you have to really fiƒght hard for it from day one,” he says.

Berggren and a fellow student started a business, Strategy Superb, a‡fter graduating. They focused on importing Nordic products and consulting with Nordic businesses trying to carve out a space in the U.S. market. And he got involved in the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, which increased his involvement with Swedish companies.

He also co-founded The Northwest Passage, which places Nordic interns with U.S. companies. Berggren's most recent venture is The Humble Company, which makes eco-friendly toothbrushes and teaches children in developing countries about oral health.

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