Talk openly: 'Helping people heal within the realm of the therapeutic relationship'

Ask clinical psychologist Wendy Tayer what she finds fascinating about her role and she has a quick answer.

“What’s not?” she said. “What’s most fascinating is the variety of ways that people cope with adversity, identifying those patterns and guiding them to make personal change and find meaning and connection in their lives. It’s never boring or predictable.”
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Wendy Tayer

What’s the most rewarding?

“Helping people heal within the realm of the therapeutic relationship,” she said.

A clinical instructor at UC San Diego Department of Psychiatry, Tayer has been a licensed clinical psychologist since 2001. She also supervises psychology practicum students at the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center.

Her practice, which centers on behavioral medicine and gerontology, also deals with relationships, parenting and women’s issues.

“It’s about creating a safe environment in which my patients can talk about their sexuality and intimacy issues, which can be intensely personal,” she said, “Patients come in to therapy in a disempowered state. My role is to partner with them in the process of healing and empowering them in their lives.”

Though the program is no longer offered, Tayer has a high regard for the UC San Diego Extension Professional Certificate in Human Sexuality Studies she earned in 2001.

“It was part of my licensure process, a way to learn more about the theories and intricacies of human sexuality,” she said.

Away from the office, Tayer surely keeps active.

“I’m married with three children (two in college), I walk my dog every day, and I run a book club,” she said, adding, “I’m also a former PTA president, I love to cook, and I go to water Zumba class every week. I like to keep busy, but I love my down time, too.”

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