Resolutions for #BestYearYet2020

By Debra D. Bass

We asked for your resolutions and you answered! To start a new year and a new decade, we shared some common wisdom that's backed up by research. Saying something outloud or in writing creates accountability that makes you more likely to achieve what you've committed to. 

Resolutions are notoriously hard to stick with, but we know that change is possible and growth is lifelong. 
As an incentive we offered three people a free class — in person, online or via 3-D virtual classrooms — worth up to $1,200. Thanks for all the responses from all over the country. It was extremely difficult to pick our winners but congratulations to:

Lisa @sevnthstranger5 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who submitted this on Twitter: "When it comes to New Year's resolutions, I don't sacrifice, I indulge — whether it's body, mind, or spirit. This year, my #goals are to sharpen my skills, earn my certificate in Copyediting from @UCSDExtension, and forge my midlife second career #UCSDX #bestyearyet2020"

Corey Jackson of San Diego, who submitted this on Facebook: Wow! Starting small. Getting bigger. Allowing for accountability thru sharing. Here we go. 1: Do my dishes nightly for at least a week & keep that fridge clean. 2: Meditate at least once a week for 30 mins. Go inward. 3: Eliminate unnecessary spending by planning at least 3 meals per week & having enough coffee to not go out for it. Estimate the costs involved & set up a small fund to pay off debts. Oh & keep a Gratitude journal along with writing out these goals & others on index card to read out loud in the morning or night. Ok. Who's next?

Darline Carrillo of San Diego who submitted this on LinkedIn: "My resolution for this year to begin courses towards a Sustainability and Behavior Change certificate. Beginning new resolutions always seem easier at the start of a new year, so I will be enrolling for the first course this week. Once the first class has been completed the rest will come easy to continue."

Thanks for all the responses and we are rooting for all of your resolutions to be realized. If your haven't already announced your goal for the year or the month or maybe just for today. Do it! Say it, write it down, make your statement. 

Here are a few others from our contest submissions who were brave enough to announce their resolutions outloud. Keep going! You can start a new goal any day, any time, any hour, so whenever you feel like you're venturing off-track consider where you want to be in a year's time and take that first step.

@aimeehuynh wrote this on Instagram: "I recently made a career change, and my resolution this year is to find opportunities to learn and grow in this new career. I plan to look into classes and reaching out to others in the field. #ucsdx #bestyearyet2020"

On LinkedIn Nathen Shin wrote: "My resolutions this year are: 1. To run a marathon 2. To read more books that make me think more critically about current events 3. To learn how to study more efficiently 4. To find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie roll pop."

@LibrarylinM (Lin) submitted this on Twitter: "I have two resolutions: complete my coursework for my copyediting certificate and start a freelance business copyediting for nonfiction writers. My strategy is to study hard and work even harder!"

On Instagram, @michaela.chamberlain wrote: "My resolutions are to read 52 books and give myself the “gift of done” and working towards a career that allows me to be creative, make decisions, and live my other passions like family and art."

Stacey Fuller announced this on LinkedIn: "My goal is to read more books, and I have already read two this year, lots more to go. I also want this year to be a year of action, and everyday, I am taking some type of action to become better than I was the day before."


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