The Best of UCSD Extension 2019: Social Media

From astronauts to artists and everything in between, it's been a wonderful 2019! Thank you for following us and sharing your stories. Here are the Top Ten posts on each of our social media accounts that you've loved the most (and a few you may have missed) over the last year.

Read more of our top achievements and the groundbreaking advancements planned for 2020 and beyond. And be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to-date on new public programs, events, partnerships and educational opportunities.


  1. Women's History Month at #HerPower event
  2. UC San Diego made strides in microbiome research
  3. A UC San Diego epidemiologist saved her husband from a superbug
  4. UC San Diego received a record number of applications for fall 2019
  5. We partnered with San Diego Workforce Partnership to develop an innovative student loan alternative
  6. We spoke with KPBS about opioid addiction and keeping healthcare workers safe
  7. UC San Diego graduate Jessica Meir flew to the International Space Station
  8. A class assignment turned into a meaningful story in Voice of San Diego
  9. A look back at the humble beginnings of UC Extension
  10. We learned our ABCs in American Sign Language



  1. The highly anticipated arrival of 5G
  2. On how Geisel Library and Dr. Seuss are inextricably linked
  3. Machine Learning Methods looks to be the next cool thing
  4. We’re really fortunate to have the Stuart Collection beautifying our campus
  5. How often do you get to chat with Chelsea Clinton?
  6. Channeling our inner marine biologist at our Library NExT workshops
  7. And sometimes, it’s all about the art
  8. We celebrated with Allie Hardy on finishing her novel!
  9. We daydreamed together about traveling around the world
  10. Brazilian International student, Julia Rizzardo, shared her enthusiasm



  1. UCSD alumnae Jessica Meir went to the International Space Station
  2. Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo shared wisdom at Women in Leadership
  3. We took a look back at La Jolla Cove from 1890 to today
  4. Acting instructor Vanessa Anton schooled us in improv
  5. We got a sneak peek of our new downtown building
  6. Sally Ride Science Junior Academy expanded to include younger kids
  7. The Festival of the New Trumpet WEST debuted in January
  8. We collaborated with San Diego Workforce Partnership on a new ISA
  9. Tech venture capitalist Roger McNamee warned us about Facebook
  10. The first 50 students enrolled in our new Income Share Agreement Fund



  1. Science writing instructor Heather Buschman was recognized as one of San Diego Metro Magazine's "40 Under 40" and paralegal grad Kristine Custodio Suero was nominated for San Diego Magazine's "Woman of the Year"
  2. A quick reminder that our downtown building is on its way.
  3. UCSD Extension's Dean, Mary Walshok, was honored at the 4th Annual "Word by Word" Gala
  4. UC San Diego's economic impact measured at 16.5 Billion and 100K jobs
  5. Our Education programs were approved in MA, TX and WA
  6. The architectural photo class caught everyone's eye
  7. Brazilian student Julia Rizzardo Gouveia shares her enthusiasm for our programs
  8. Sustainable Business Practices certificate grad James Tosh went from bellman to executive in a year’s time
  9. UC San Diego received a record number of applications for fall 2019
  10. Spanish grad student Ramon Gonzalez took the next step in his education
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