Healthy for Life: 7 Keys To Success

Fit & Trim for Life book coverAs a teacher of natural health for UC San Diego Extension's Integrative Nutrition certificate, Jeanne Grosset has first-hand knowledge of the body's ability to repair and rejuvenate. She's had her own health concerns over the years and she's seen other struggle, but the power of food and movement to heal is an underappreciated capability. 

Grosset explains that the body is always fighting to operate at its optimal level, it just needs the right fuel. In her e-book, Fit & Trim for Life: 7 Keys to Success she shares her strategy for adopting a better, healthier habits. 

"Once I went down the path of self healing through diet and lifestyle, I realized that more people needed to know about it too," Grosset said. "And that is why I became a teacher and a cheerleader for good ol' Mother Nature."

Download the free e-book by clicking here.
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