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The study of blood group serology as it applies to the preparation and provision of blood products in transfusion therapy; to include donor collection, component preparation, pre-transfusion testing and investigation of suspected transfusion reactions.

  • Demonstrate accurate and precise skills in performance of transfusion medicine tasks and procedures for automated and manual methods and using a variety of techniques, and discuss the theories, principle, maintenance and troubleshooting of these analytical systems.
  • Identify special regulatory oversight and quality assurance procedures used in transfusion medicine; for storage units and environmental monitoring, product condition and age, etc.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform tests and interpret results for compatibility testing, recite reasons for possible ABO discrepancies or incompatible crossmatches, and select the most appropriate donor units for compatibility testing or patient infusion.
  • Demonstrate the ability to appropriately and effectivelyprioritize tasks, communicate status of compatibility testing, document results with acceptable accuracy, take appropriate corrective action in resolution of problems encountered.
  • Identify attributes of a properly labeled and collected patient sample in regards to identification and labeling (according to institutional policy and AABB standards), collection timing, and sample age.

Note: Not available for open enrollment at any time. Only available as part of the by-application closed-cohort CLS training program.

Course Number: PATH-40015
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Clinical Laboratory Scientist Training