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Building on prior coursework, this course provides candidates with an extensive and robust review of proven strategies and practices designed to effectively teach diverse gifted and talented pupils, with emphases on linguistic and socioeconomic diversity and dual exceptionalities. In this course, candidates will become steeped in the assessment process (pre-/formative/summative) and use these data to guide practical placement and differentiation of content; learning process; and product in a way that presents opportunities for depth, complexity and novelty. Special attention is paid to tiering and grouping in the mixed-ability classroom (by interest, ability and learning style) and instructional delivery that engage the gifted and talented pupil cognitively and affectively. In so doing, candidates will acquire and demonstrate proficiencies in practical instructional strategies to work with gifted pupils, including direct/whole group instruction; iconic teaching; framing; content imperatives; universal themes; choice; curriculum compacting; anchor activities; contract learning; among others.

Course Number: EDUC-31619
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)