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Human skin is the home for trillions of microbiome communities including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The biodiversity of our skin microbiome protects our skin against external environmental factors, invasion by bad pathogens and guides our immune system to respond in an appropriate way. The increase in our understanding of the role our skin microbiome plays in keeping us healthy combined with concerns of increased antibiotic resistance have opened up opportunities for using these natural microbes and their metabolites for treating skin infections.

Join us for this seminar/workshop which will bring together academics and industry experts to share their work and opportunities available in the skin microbiome arena. Seminar will also discuss intellectual property and regulatory aspects associated with the skin microbiome. Talks will be followed by a panel discussion and net-working opportunity.

Seminar/workshop outcomes:

  • Learn about skin microbiome research, intellectual property, regulatory aspects and opportunities
  • Learn from accomplished academics and industry experts from prestigious universities and companies
  • Chance to network with these experts and others interested or working in the industry

8:00 am: Breakfast

8:30 am: Skin Probiotic Microbiome: From Academic Research to Industrial Applications, Eric Huang, Professor Department of Dermatology, UCSD

9:10 am: MatriSys Bio - Commercializing Skin Microbiome, Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Matrisys Bioscience

9:50 am: Coffee Break

10:10 am: Skin Microbiome Company: What investors look for? Lada Rasochova, Founder and CEO, Dermala Inc

10:50 am: Patents in the Skin Microbiome Arena: Challenges and Trends,  Mark FitzGerald, Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP

11:30 am: Regulatory Aspects of Using Microbiome for Treating Skin Diseases, Kamala Janiyani, Instructor

12:00 pm: Panel Discussion

12:30 pm: Networking Lunch

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Course Number: WKSP-70040
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)