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This course provides an introduction to psychoanalytic play therapy, an ambitious treatment that helps alleviate troubling childhood behaviors and symptoms, and strives to address their underlying causes. Class participants will explore the following areas: 1) Current status of the field, 2) Key concepts, 3) Distinctive features, 4) Child development, 5) Theory of play, 6) Evaluation process, 7) Treatment recommendations, 8) The framework of treatment, 9) Children’s modes of communication, and 10) Phases of therapy, objectives, & psychoanalytic technique. Case presentation will be given with a special emphasis on clinical process.

Other Credits: BBS, APT: 7 CE Hrs.

Note: Applies toward the Certificate in Play Therapy. While the Department of Psychiatry is aware of the research on the efficacy of play therapy*, it cannot specifically endorse each play therapy intervention included in each class in the play therapy certificate program. *

Course Number: PSY-40237
Credit: 0.50 unit(s)