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Practice Industiral Robotics Opeartions with ABB RobotStudio

Industrial Robotics has revolutionized manufacturing by automating physical tasks in various sectors including the automotive, electrical & electronic, food & beverage, and metal & machinery. Introduced to create faster and more precise results, Industrial Robotics allowed manufacturers to reduce operational costs and material wastage while increasing production, process efficiency and workplace safety. This field has generated jobs for operators, programmers, maintenance technicians and engineers.

Participants in Fundamental of Industrial Robotics will come to understand the basic principles of robotics including the usage of servo motors for high-precision response and position, and optical encoders to detect a change in position and speed. They will learn about the axis and coordinate system used in programming to determine the robots target positions. Students will acquire hands-on experience with robotics operations and programming by implementing programs and building simulations in ABB RobotStudio platform.

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in robotics, technology, or manufacturing will benefit from this course. 

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to Industrial Robotics
  • Fundamentals of Hardware: Servo motors and End Effectors/EOAT
  • Axis and coordinate systems
  • Type of Robots and Manufacturers
  • Introduction to ABB RobotStudio
  • Programming robotic movements and operations with ABB RobotStudio

Course Benefits:

  • Ability to program simulations of robotic environments and operations in ABB RobotStudio.
  • Understand the versatility of Industrial Robotics and applications according to the tasks.
  • Build a portfolio of programs to show case your knowledge during an interview.
  • Acquired skills can be immediately applicable.

Software: ABB RobotStudio

Hardware (required): computer meeting minimum hardware requirements of ABB RobotStudio

Course Typically Offered: Online during Fall and Spring quarters

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of computer operations

Next steps: Upon completion of this class, consider enrolling in other courses in the Additive Manufacturing Certificate.

More information: Contact to learn more about Additive Manufacturing and course offerings.

Course Number: CSE-41335
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Additive Manufacturing