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This strand is designed for sites that have received a recommendation to enter the Coaching Cycle of Readiness for Emerging National Demonstration Schools by the AVID District Director through the AVID Divisional Office. Participants in this strand—primarily teams consisting of an AVID site coordinator, a site administrator, and an optional site team member—will understand AVID’s expectations, procedures, responsibilities, and guidelines governing AVID National Demonstration Schools. The roles and responsibilities in supporting the school during the coaching cycle in a schoolwide AVID College Readiness System, including the district director, coordinator, site team, and administrator, will be reviewed with an emphasis on college readiness; Schoolwide AVID; rigorous tutorials; and all aspects of the application process, including preparation for the Validation Visit. Continuing Demonstration Schools preparing for a Revalidation Visit are strongly encouraged to send any new AVID site coordinators and/or site administrators to the appropriate leadership or AVID Elective teacher strands.

Course Number: EDUC-40027
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)