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The advanced 3weeks course is designed to engage secondary students in developing their critical thinking and English communication skills, so they will be equipped to function effectively in cross-cultural settings.
Critical Thinking Strand: Students will explore critical thinking and communication skills through learning the basics of argumentation and debating in paired teams with American students. Using this collaborative, values-based methodology of debate will teach students to develop insightful, evidence-based opinions and to discuss these opinions with logic and civility, no matter how controversial the topics are.
Leadership Strand: Working with others in a common effort to effect positive outcomes calls for a complex mix of critical thinking, relational skills, and an empowered sense of self to reach the goal. Students will read, discuss, debate, and act in this area. Students will have multiple opportunities to challenge themselves in such settings as the UCSD Challenge Course and relationally in planned out-reach activities in order to develop courage, reliability, and the motivational energy that comes when we move past our fears to leadership. They will also engage in service to the needy in San Diego, as service is a fundamental aspect of leadership.
English Strand: Finally, students will have many opportunities to integrate their knowledge of English, learning to express themselves verbally through activities such as small group discussions and paired sharing with American students, short impromptu speeches, formal speeches and written essays, etc. Journaling to integrate activities and learning will also be a key component of the program.

Course Number: COMM-90005
Credit: 6.00 unit(s)