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Description: Annual Junior Readiness Program where the cardinals go through one week of preparing in both Math and English for their junior year at Hoover High School.  The one-week program is packed full of interactive activities to enrich the students learning and continue the bond they have created.

Who: The students participating in the Junior Readiness Program are our incoming juniors.  They have just completed their first year in the program and their sophomore year in high school.

How: Each day students will participate in 1.5-hour sessions of English and math. In the English session the students will work on their reading comprehension and time management skills to help them prepare for the rigor of Junior year.  The students take a math assessment prior to the Junior Readiness program. Depending on their math assessment the students are placed into two different math groups. The students will be working on factoring during their math sessions to help them prepare for upper math that they will be taking during junior year. 

Why: The goal is for the students to close any gaps they may have before beginning their junior year to ensure they can reach their maximum academic potential.

Course Number: EDUC-90047
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)