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What do innovation, possibility thinking and culture have in common? They are critical to success in today’s complex work environment. In this interactive half-day workshop, understand the personal and organization change process required to proactively build a highly desired innovative culture. Discover how to capture and implement ideas to contribute to this type of environment through various tools and tips. Case studies will emphasize how this works in various organizations.

Topics may include:

  • What are innovation, possibility thinking, creativity, culture, personal transition and organizational change?
  • Why are they critical to success in today’s work environment?
  • Innovation skills overview
  • Effectively leading personal transition and innovation
  • Effectively managing organizational change
  • Innovation, tools, tips and resource review


What Will You Earn

Upon completing this workshop, you will receive a verifiable digital credential. The digital credential may be shared on social media, in email signatures, or with colleagues and friends in order to recognize your achievement.

Course Number: WKSP-80030
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)