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Many businesses, whether small or large, have challenges aligning their culture to the customer while maintaining consistent and authentic brand engagement.  The strongest brands are like people you trust - you know who they are, have a clear sense of what they value, and believe they will be true to themselves.  With customers being more skeptical than ever, it has become mission critical to tell a company's story in a compelling way so customers will know, like, and trust them. 

Part of the Small Business Management Series, this hands-on, practical, half-day workshop unpacks the seemingly magical accomplishment of brand engagement. The workshop blends case-studies, best-practice theories, discussion, and worksheets. Attendess will leave the session with best-in-class examples and an actionable plan to tell an authentic brand story that engages and resonates with their audience.

Workshop Benefits:
  • Create an actionable plan for telling a brand story to a targeted audience
  • Align marketing expression with brand position and culture
  • Chose the appropriate platforms and channels for marketing
  • Positioning
    • Best-in-class examples
    • Positioning statements, models, and strategy canvas models
    • Position statement worksheet
  • Brand Storytelling
    • Authentic culture & mission
    • Best-in-class examples
    • Brand storytelling worksheets
  • Marketing Expression
    • Words that describe best brands
    • Word cloud, imagery, and tone worksheets
    • Messaging platform and channels that align marketing expression to your company position and culture


This workshop is offered in partnership with SCORE San Diego


Course Number: BUSA-80036
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)