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Towards the end of the 13th century, Europe is consumed by a profound metamorphosis and artists are increasingly influenced by nature, humanism, and antiquity (Roman times). In the North, artists meticulously render nature in paintings filled with symbolism as seen in the work of Jan van Eyck. In Italy, important artists such as Giotto, Masaccio, and Donatello renew the art of fresco, illusionistic painting, and classical sculpture. With the formulation of the principles of mathematical perspective, Brunelleschi opens up an endless world of illusionistic painting, which is embraced by Piero della Francesca and Mantegna.

Note: Fulfills 1 unit towards the Art History requirement for the Art and the Creative Process Certificate.
Course Fee: $115
Offered in: Winter Quarter (live online)

Course Number: ART-40444
Credit: 1.00 unit(s)
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