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Learn to Design Android Apps


Android dominates the mobile device market, and Android app design skills are in high demand  among tech industry employers. Learn to use MIT App Inventor to create a variety of simple Android apps.
Students will learn the basics of Android app design and event-driven programming. Together we will create app background screens and then add elements such as pictures, drawing canvases and buttons. Students will get familiar with MIT App Inventor as they design a variety of simple games and utility apps. We will also learn how to incorporate events so app users can interact with different elements. For a final project, students will work in groups to design and test their own mobile apps. All equipment will be provided, and no prior computer experience is required.

What You Will Learn


Android app design skills are in high demand among tech industry employers. Get started in this fast-growing field by learning to use MIT App Inventor to create a variety of simple Android apps.

  • Get an overview of the mobile app industry
  • Get an introduction to MIT App Inventor
  • Create a variety of simple apps for Android devices, such as a virtual pet, a ball-bounce app and a finger-painting app
  • Learn to add a timer component to an app
  • Create simple games
  • Learn about procedures, variables, conditional “if” statements and loops
  • Get an introduction to event-driven programming
  • Design an original Android app and implement and test it

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Note: Upon successful enrollment of a section, students will receive a confirmation email from our Student Services team. This email will include a link to an authorization form that is required to be completed within 72-hours of enrollment. 

In response to COVID-19 health guidelines, we have restructured our in-person Junior Academy workshops as
online courses. Contact us at if you have questions.

Course Number: CSE-90100
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)