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Natiya Guin

I'm passionate about medical ethics because I aim to be part of the global conscious effort for equality in access to optimal medical care and the possibility of ideal health for all people.

Daily, I make decisions for my three young children that will affect not only their current health but will create a foundation for a healthy future.  I aim to be a mirror for my children, making ethical choices in self-care and respectful relations with all people from all walks of life.

 As a clinician working with families; the way that I speak to, share information, and ultimately make decisions to increase wellness for my patients must come from an ethical place, putting them and their needs and beliefs at the center of their care.

I have been an educator for students from grade 8- graduate level for over 20 years and I love creating an environment where students feel safe to share their opinions, learn from others, and test the boundaries of their knowledge and their moral code; creating space to truly step into the most empowered version of themselves.

When I'm not in clinic, working with my family owned vegan skincare company, or volunteering at Eje school in El Cajon, I'm surfing with my family. 

Fun note: I have surfed my whole life and my amazing mom is still a better surfer then I am!