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Increase Your GRE Score


Master the skills you need to succeed on the GRE with personal coaching sessions from a top test-prep expert, including powerful and intuitive strategies for all parts of the exam.
Students will work directly with one of the country’s leading specialists, who has written books for a major test-prep publisher. You will practice personalized, advanced strategies through up to 30 hours of phone or video coaching in weekly sessions that include a specific study plan, review of assignments, and analysis of timing and testing strategies. Compared to the typical classroom program, personal coaching gives you more hours for a longer period (13-26 weeks). Through individualized instruction, you will master effective strategies, including tools for people who struggle with math.

What You Will Learn

Discover effective tools and strategies and for success on every part of the GRE.
  • Learn powerful, intuitive tools for mastering verbal, math and timing strategies.
  • Get familiar with specific strategies for overcoming test anxiety, poor performance on standardized tests and math anxiety.
  • Understand how to interpret the instructions for the Quantitative comparison questions, how to analyze data interpretation graphs and how to recognize the patterns of GRE math questions.
  • Learn how to make decisions about using your time on the Quantitative section, including how to choose which questions to work on and how much time to spend on a question.
  • Know how to skim Reading Comprehension passages for structure and how to master tools for distinguishing between two very close answer choices.
  • Learn the underlying agendas for the Analytical Writing tasks and specific steps for creating an essay that will earn a passing score.


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  • This is a 30-hour course.
  • UC San Diego undergraduate students may be eligible to take this course for with financial assistance through the Student Grant Program. The $500 voucher would be applied to tuition and the balance would be paid by students.
  • Please contact with questions.
  • The 30-hours of coaching should be completed within two quarters in which you register. If these hours are not completed during this time, attempts for make-up sessions will be made, but cannot be guaranteed.

Course Number: EDUC-90049
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)