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Get Ready to Advance Your IT Career with A+ Certification


Becoming an A+ certified professional is a great way to advance your IT career. Prepare for the certification exams by mastering the skills you need to support today’s core technologies, from security to cloud to data management and more.

A+ certification is trusted by employers around the world as a way to identify the go-to person in technical support roles. After completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to identify, use and connect hardware components and devices and to troubleshoot device and network issues. You will also know how to install major operating systems and how to identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections. And you will be familiar with best practices for safety, environmental impacts, communication and professionalism.

What You Will Learn

Students completing A+ Certification Preparation will:
  • Know how to demonstrate baseline security skills for IT support professionals.
  • Understand how to configure device operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.
  • Be able to troubleshoot core service and support challenges while applying best practices for documentation, change management and scripting.
  • Understand how to support basic IT infrastructure and networking.
  • Be able to configure and support PC, mobile and IoT device hardware.
  • Know how to implement basic data backup and recovery methods and apply data storage and management best practices.

Companies the use A+

  • intel
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • hp
  • DELL

Jobs that use A+

  • Service desk analyst
  • Help desk tech
  • Technical support specialist
  • Field service technician
  • Associate network engineer
  • Data support technician
  • Desktop support administrator
  • End user computer technician
  • Help desk technician
  • System support specialist
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Note: This is a 32-hour course. In addition, this program is in partnership with CompTIA where you will have access to the following resources:

  • A+ Combined CertMaster Learn
  • A+ Core 2 Labs
  • A+ Core 1 CertMaster Practice
  • A+ Core 2 CertMaster Practice
Please contact with questions. 

Course Number: EDUC-90075
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)