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If you dream of making it as an actor, this course is the place to start!


Each day, students will tackle a different kind of acting. They will put on their dancing shoes to try out musical theater. They will explore stage acting, including some beginner Shakespeare. They will spend time investigating film and TV acting as well as acting for commercials. In addition, students will find out what a professional audition is like and learn how to do one successfully. The class offers a great way for students intrigued by the performing arts to discover where their strengths and interests lie.

What You Will Learn


Students in Middle School: Light, Camera, Acting! will:

  • Get an overview of the many realms of the performing arts by trying out different genres of acting
  • Learn the basics of musical theater
  • Explore stage acting, including beginning Shakespeare
  • Find out what’s required for television and film acting
  • Learn about acting in commercials
  • Discover what a professional audition is like and learn how to do one successfully

Return to the Sally Ride Science online professional website here.

Note: Upon successful enrollment of a section, students will receive a confirmation email from our Student Services team. This email will include a link to an authorization form that is required to be completed within 72-hours of enrollment. 

Course Number: THEA-90015
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)