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Investigate strategic issues while exploring recent trends related to social and mobile marketing


Principles of Marketing will introduce students to the basic concepts of marketing such as customer value, STP (segmentation, targeting, and positioning), the consumer decision-making process and business marketing. In addition, students will learn and implement the “4 P's” of marketing which include product, place, promotion, and price. Throughout the course students will investigate the specific strategic issues that marketers or entrepreneurs need to address while exploring recent trends in related to social and mobile marketing. This course is focused around the legal and ethical issues associated with marketing practices and the concepts of corporate social responsibility and social marketing.

What You Will Learn


Students in Principles of Marketing will:

  • Research and apply market analysis
  • Develop a real-world marketing public relations application
  • Discuss buyer behavior applications of social media marketing
  • Analyze buyer behavior and the effect of influencers
  • Research business ethical behavior.
  • Discuss how influencers affect promotion in social media
  • Identify, explain, and apply marketing strategy
  • Explain best practices for inclusive and diverse marketing communications.
  • Discuss target market applications of social media marketing.
  • Assess the relationship between marketing communications and branding
  • Deliver a product marketing proposal
  • Discuss social media marketing applications for small businesses and entrepreneurs

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Note: Upon successful enrollment of a section, students will receive a confirmation email from our Student Services team. This email will include a link to an authorization form that is required to be completed within 72-hours of enrollment.

Course Number: BUSA-90033
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)