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Tap into your creative mind with digital art!


Google Drawing, a component of Google Suite, is a free graphic design and digital drawing application. Offering a suite of tools similar to the industry-standard Adobe Photoshop, Google Drawing allows users to experiment with Layers, Polyline tools, and Transparency options. Through engagement with this platform, students gain experience in formatting techniques, digital painting, and line manipulation. Students will create digital portraits, landscapes, still life scenes, and Pop Art projects.

What You Will Learn


Students in High School: Creating Digital Art using Google Drawing will:

  • Create a self-reflection mini poster
  • Learn about the history of pop art and create a piece of pop art using a photograph and bold colors
  • Learn about the polyline tool and use it to create a nature mosaic
  • Learn about vector art and create a final vector portrait using Google Drawing

Below are some examples of students' final assignments:


GD-sample-2.png  GD-sample-3.png



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Course Number: CSE-90163
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)

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