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In this self-paced, start anytime, online course learn Computer Science teaching methods. Counts toward the Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science. Learn Parsons' problems, Peer Instruction, and more from a world-renowned computing education expert with 15+ years of teaching.

Develop effective CS teaching practices
Computer Science teachers are in demand as 34 states have defined K-12 Computer Science Standards. Ninety percent of parents want their child to take computer science, but only 45% of high schools teach it.

Just as critically, girls and underrepresented students are far less likely to enroll even if a Computer Science course exists at their school.  Prepare to develop equitable and effective computer science classrooms as well as approaches for leading computing education efforts in your area.

Apply pedagogical techniques to support the teaching of computing and evaluate freely available curriculum and resources for teaching computing and impacts of computing.  Develop lesson plans and other resources to implement an equitable and accessible computing program in your classroom and school. Explore ways to increase student programming success through scaffolding.  Learn about the effectiveness of Peer Instruction and Parsons' problems for increasing student success and leaving them excited to take another computing course. Prepare for the varying methods of assessing programming knowledge from paper and pencil questions to on-computer labs, individual programming assignments, and student-created projects.


Course Number: EDUC-40288
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)