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In this self-paced, start anytime, online course prepare to teach the impacts of computing. This course counts toward the Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science. Help students learn about the impacts of computing. This course covers both the technical knowledge and pedagogical approaches for teaching about the impacts of computing on society.. This course uses common experiences with computation and technology to motivate exploration and analysis of the impacts of computing. We’ll drill down into these technologies to learn about issues of computing systems, networks & the internet, and data & analysis impact technology development and our society, economy, and culture.

Use a problem-based approach to explore computing in society 
There are 5 "digital worlds," meaning online environments. Your daily world, the world of your personal data, the world of relationships, the world of the workplace of the future, and the world of our global society.  In each world we start with readings or multimedia experiences discussing the impact of some technology on society. We then explore how these technologies work including learning about the computer science concepts and innovations that enable these technologies. 

Create your practical teaching resources
In addition to gaining access to materials that you can use immediately  in your classroom, you will build resources to support your teaching (lesson plans, recruitment and equity materials, etc.) and prepare to support Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles students in answering the stimulus-based response questions on computing innovations.


Course Number: EDUC-40286
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)