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Software Engineering Management

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About the Software Engineering Management Program


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  • Number of courses: 4 Required Courses.
  • Total Units: 14

Business Practices for Software Project ManagersCSE-40849

Units: 3.50


Software products are particularly susceptible to fluctuating needs, wants, and expectations. The ability to apply tools and techniques to objectively assess impacts is important for software project ...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Successful Software Requirement Analysis and DesignCSE-40850

Units: 3.50


Learn About Software Product DefinitionSoftware development projects are successful when they deliver business value to the company and their customers. Today, some companies deliver projects in a tra...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Summer

Successful Software Implementation and DeliveryCSE-40851

Units: 3.50


Learn about the stages of software implementation. Today, software development is part of every business not just for software companies themselves, but for every company which relies on softwar...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Technology Alignment, Integration, and ComplianceCSE-41199

Units: 3.50


Any organization looking to achieve their business development objectives most effectively may apply enterprise architecture principles and practices to identify the necessary changes and strategies t...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Winter, Summer

Not required for certificate

Managing Software Quality Assurance and TestingCSE-41265

Units: 3.00


Quality Assurance is defined as part of quality management that ensures that quality requirements are met. The requirements for high-quality, reliable, predictable software become increasingly necessa...

Upcoming Start Dates:
Typically Offered: Spring
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Conditions for Admission

Complete the application and pay application fee.UC San Diego Extension programs are designed to best serve college-prepared working professionals. Although programs are open to all adult learners, where program capacity is limited, applicants with this profile will receive preference for admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can this program be completed entirely online?

Currently, all classes are offered online or live online. Online courses deliver all instruction and course materials  asynchronously and are completed online between the published course start and end dates.
Live online courses are synchronous web-based class meetings that are scheduled to meet online at published times (time/date).

Is this certificate open to non-California residents?

Yes, the program is open to non-California residents, including non-US residents. The certificate and course fees are the same for all students. However, all courses are offered in-person, so they must be taken on site in San Diego. 

If you have questions about how enrolling in courses may or may not affect your visa status, please contact our International Department at or (858) 534-6784.

How do I enroll in a course?

To enroll into a class, click on the class link in the matrix and that will take you to that class page. There you can find a course description, prerequisites, and the start date for that course. To enroll in the course can click on “Add to Cart” which will lead you to complete the registration/payment process.

How long is this program?

Students can complete all courses in as quickly as 9 months. However, each course includes an average of 6-8 hours of homework per week. Taking more than one class a quarter should be well-thought-out, and other work/school/life commitments should be considered prior to enrolling in more than one class per quarter. You have up to five years to complete all requirements for the certificate.

If I already have the skills taught in one of the required courses, can I skip that course?

If you have taken a course from an accredited university covering the learning objectives of a required or elective course, you may be able to transfer a total of one class per certificate to Extension. You may send your request along with details about how the class at your accredited university is equivalent to our Extension course. Attach an electronic transcript and send your email to
If you have not taken a course elsewhere, but already have the skills covered in a course, you may be able to substitute an alternate Extension course in its place. Send your request to substitute one of the program courses to In your request, indicate which course you would like to take and which course it would substitute. Include how a substitution may better meet your professional or employment needs. The class should align with the overall student learning outcomes of this certificate. As previously mentioned only one waiver total can be granted per certificate. Requests for these considerations require departmental approval. Contact to make a request or for additional information.


How can I get more information about this program?

You will find downloadable resources including “Frequently Asked Questions” under "Related Documents" on the right side of the top of this page. If you need further information, please contact the program representative at or (858) 534-1566.

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This certificate requires an application before taking any courses. There will be a $0 fee to apply to this program. Students will also be required to pay a $95 certificate fee upon enrollment into the program after acceptance. View the complete Certificate Registration and Candidacy Guidelines.