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In this self-paced, start anytime, online course prepare to teach Java. Counts toward the Supplementary Authorization in Computer Science. Learn using CS Awesome - aligned with the new APCS A.

Prepare to Teach Java including APCS A
Java is the most common introductory programming language in universities -- which is why the new (2019-202) Advanced Placement Computer Science A course continues to use it.  In many states, APCS A now counts as a high school math option -- increasing the demand for APCS A teachers.

In our Learn to Teach Java course you will learn Java content -- but in a manner specifically tailored for teachers and your needs.

Learn to teach introductory Java -- with a focus on the new (2019-2020) Advanced Placement Computer Science A curriculum. Preview the free, online, interactive CS Awesome curriculum with overview videos to help you prepare for class efficiently. Learn teaching tips and access supporting materials from an expert in CS education with 15+ years experience including advice on teaching debugging, code tracing (for answering multiple choice questions) and problem solving patterns. Complete activities specifically designed for teachers and create materials you can use in your classroom.

Course Number: EDUC-40287
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)