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AVID District Leadership training comprises five training sessions that AVID Center provides to individuals designated as AVID District Directors to prepare them to support and sustain AVID implementation in their districts. AVID District Directors have many responsibilities. They ensure that AVID sites in their districts implement AVID with fidelity, they monitor and evaluate AVID Certification and data collection submissions for their district sites, and they attend the five sessions of AVID District Leadership (ADL) training. ADL training sessions are designed to include rich content and relevant research studies on academic achievement and AVID. Over the courses of these sessions, participants will: learn to navigate the wealth of AVID curriculum in the AVID libraries; calibrate through hands-on activities; visit AVID National Demonstration schools; learn the AVID College Readiness System, along with its data-driven components; refine their coaching skills; and deepen their understanding of AVID’s Certification System. The first of five ADL training sessions, Understanding AVID/ACRS, focuses on: understanding the elementary and secondary program Essentials as they relate to the fidelity of AVID implementation; building a strong foundation of support in the grade level implementation in elementary and the AVID Elective class in secondary; supporting and coaching sites through the AVID Certification process; and the schoolwide implementation of AVID strategies.

Course Number: EDUC-40116
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)