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This strand is designed for elementary educators, grades K–2, new to AVID Elementary. The strand focuses on the strategies outlined in the AVID Elementary Foundations book (provided to participants), which emphasizes the use of WICOR methodologies and strategies as a tool for success and college readiness beginning in the K–2 classroom. This strand aligns with the Foundations 3–6 strand, but is designed with developmentally appropriate on-ramps as seen through the lens of a primary classroom. As a result of this strand, participants will develop a clear understanding of WICOR, AVID Elementary Essentials, and the role of the K–2 classroom in the AVID Schoolwide system, in order to differentiate instruction for students and create an environment that promotes a culture of student success.

Course Number: EDUC-40004
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)