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1-2-3 Wellnessä Video course.  Talented educators like YOU deserve wellness too, right?! Through 1-2-3 Wellnessä, educators are guided on a meaningful, fun and research-based 21-day self-care challenge. You will learn powerful self-care and wellness tools
Through 21 short videos and guided by a user-friendly e-workbook, you will learn user-friendly ways to reduce stress, foster mindfulness in practical ways amid your busy schedule and more. Teachers across the nation are raving about 1-2-3 Wellnessä! Learn more and register at  
Here is a quote from a teacher who took 1-2-3 Wellnessä:
Wow! I feel 1-2-3 Wellness should be mandatory for all educators.  There is no better way to cultivate a healthy learning environment than being a positive healthy role model to our children. 1-2-3 Wellness can give all educators a chance to check in with themselves, develop healthy goals and build positive and healthy staff member experiences.
This course is a self-paced and you can begin today and end anytime. Register at

Course Number: EDUC-40249
Credit: 4.50 unit(s)