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Always Something New

We continually develop new courses to meet the demands of an ever-changing job market, industry trends and hot topics among consumers. You’ll always find our latest offerings here.

Business & Leadership
Alumni Appreciation Night
The Business of AI: Strategies for Success in a Tech-driven World
Data Analysis & Mathematics
Biostatistics in Healthcare
Data Science and Practical Applications
No-Code AI Toolkit
Responsible AI: Transparency, Accountability, Explainability and Privacy
Facilitating Challenging Conversations in the classroom
Foundational Reading & Linguistics for Teachers of Adolescents
Mechatronics Fundamentals
Emergency Department Nursing, Part I
Emergency Department Nursing, Part II
Foundations of Lactation Education
Introduction to Medical Writing and Editing
Lactation Education Counselor
Legal and Ethical Issues in Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents
Languages and English Learning
Cantonese for Communication III
Chinese for Communication VIII (part two)
Occupational Safety & Health
Heat Stress