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Always Something New

We continually develop new courses to meet the demands of an ever-changing job market, industry trends and hot topics among consumers. You’ll always find our latest offerings here.

Business & Leadership
Kaizen Workshop
PE Mechanical HVAC & Refrigeration Exam Review
Data Analysis & Mathematics
Deep Learning for Computer Vision & Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT and Midjourney
Modern -Omics: Technologies and Applications
Ordinary Differential Equations
Digital Arts
Introduction to Motion
Change Your Aura, Change Your Life
Environment & Sustainability
Ocean Conservation Behavior
Ocean Conservation Behavior
Languages and English Learning
American Sign Language III
Cantonese for Communication I
Cantonese for Communication II
Futures: Analog Circuits
Futures: Audio, Video, Image, and Augmented Reality Processing
Futures: Bluetooth Technologies and Applications
Futures: Digital Circuit Design with HDL
Futures: Digital Logic Circuits
Futures: Wi-Fi Technologies and Applications
Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Haiku-Based Cybersecurity Introduction