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Teaching English to the Young Learner (TEYL) is a growing market overseas. Our 120-hour program will give you the specialized skills and knowledge to teach English to children ages 4-12.

Mandatory English language education for young learners in many countries around the world has created a demand for teachers who can incorporate games, music, storytelling, and art in the classroom. Teaching young learners can be quite different from teaching young adults and/or adults, and the courses in our program will train you in how to effectively use activities in lesson plans to “entertain” as well as educate your students.

Each TEYL course has a specific target and outcome, but our TEYL Classroom Management course is especially interesting as it has two fieldtrips. One is to a San Diego learning center and the other to a local elementary school where you will interact with the children and the teachers and really see what an elementary classroom is like.

Teaching young learners is a rewarding, fun, and challenging experience that is unlike teaching other ages. It takes special and unique skills – skills that you will learn in our TEYL program.

Learn more about the Teaching English to the Young Learner (TEYL) program at our free information session.
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Students must complete 12 course units. The program can be completed in 6-12 months depending upon course availability.

How much does the program cost?

  • Approximate tuition cost: $2,000
  • Estimated textbook cost for entire program: $300-$400
  • Program Fee: $95

Course tuition is paid as you enroll in each course. No upfront fees must be paid in advance. The Program Fee can be paid at any time and is not required to begin enrolling in classes. 

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