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Design circuits using the binary arithmetic and develop an understanding of the important role of Boolean algebra.


The ubiquity of electronic communication in our daily routines has made it a highly convenient and indispensable method for exchanging information, owing to its speed, reliability, and portability. Digital communications operate on the principles of binary arithmetic, which is why Basic Electronics is a critical subject in the fields of Electronics, Telecommunication, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science, and Mechanical Engineering.

This course will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of electronic devices, digital circuits, and Boolean algebra, while also covering the principles of digital electronics and signal transmission in communication systems. These topics will lay the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of the efficiency of Electronics principles, which are integral to engineering applications.

Students will acquire the ability to design circuits using binary arithmetic, as well as comprehend the significant role of Boolean algebra in the design process. They will also gain knowledge of designing simple circuits like amplifiers (inverting and non-inverting), comparators, adders, integrators, and differentiators using OPAMPS (operational amplifier). The course will include an examination of the diode's function in rectifiers, filter circuits, and wave shaping, as well as building different blocks in digital electronics using logic gates and implementing simple logic functions using basic universal gates.

What You Will Learn


Students in Futures: Electronics and Telecommunications Review: Math, Circuits and Signals will:

  • Investigate the importance of electronics in various applications.
  • Attain comprehension of the core principles of electronics.
  • Create and execute circuits.
  • Grasp the operation of a communication system, various modulation technologies, and the fundamental principles of different transducer types.
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Note: This course is only open to high school students. 

Course Number: EE-90006
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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