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Elevate Your Teaching Career in Multilingual Education

The Dual Language Immersion Program is designed for administrators and educators to advance their knowledge of the growing community of dual and multilingual education at local, national, and international levels. The purpose of this program is to provide K-12 teachers, administrators, and other education professionals with specialized coursework and research-based practices to advance their expertise in Dual Language programming.

The program will offer candidates an opportunity to better understand the different models of dual language, theoretical principles, research, and instructional practices of teaching and learning in dual language immersion settings. The scope of the program includes 4 fully online courses and 19.5 post-baccalaureate units of coursework over 18-weeks that examine the dual language program background, program goals, instructional strategies, assessments, curriculum, needs of diverse populations, cross-cultural competence, leadership, and research.

This dual language program is offered to educators and administrators who want to gain a higher level of expertise of any dual language program while earning post-baccalaureate units and for administrators who may want to start a dual language program at their school.

Learning Format:

Online | 6 Months

Enjoy the flexibility of learning at your own pace. Courses are 100 percent online, with no in-person meetings or synchronous Zoom meetings. You will have access to the course materials for about 4-6 weeks per course.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of bilingualism & biliteracy in a dual language program, how to obtain high achievement in both program languages, and Sociocultural competence.
  • How the 50/50 Dual Language model works, what specific language teachers focus on and reinforce, how to structure your time teaching two sets of students and/or two languages in one class and collaborating with a partner teacher daily.
  • How the 90/10 Dual Language model works, what specific language teachers focus on and reinforce, how to structure your time, planning & preparation for two languages in one class, and collaboration with your grade level team.
  • Effective teaching strategies in dual language, tools for success, teacher and administrator responsibilities, administrator role and communication, parent communication, and classroom organization.
  • Assessment outcomes are interpreted correctly and disseminated with appropriate constituents, and professional development is provided to enable teachers to develop, collect, and interpret assessment data appropriately and accurately.

How to Enroll:

Pay as you go per course ($495-$680 per course):

For general enrollments, expand the “courses” tab at the bottom of this page to review the course list and then click a course to see details and enroll. You may pay per course as you work through the program. Courses must be taken in sequence. There is one week off between each course.

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